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Whether used as an adjunct to surgical procedures or as a conservative option for facial rejuvenation, non-surgical treatments for facial concerns are popular and effective. As opposed to cosmetic surgical procedures that excise excess skin and wrinkles, non-surgical treatments refine, modify, and enhance the skin rather than remove it.


Botox has a number of medical applications such as treatment of abnormalities of eye muscles, migraine headaches, muscle tightness, and excessive sweating. It can also be used to treat facial wrinkles, especially in the upper half of the face where wrinkles are caused by the activity of facial muscles. The severity of lines and creases of the forehead, the corners of the eyes (“crow’s feet” or “laugh lines”), and between the eyebrows (“frown lines”) can be temporarily reduced and softened. It can even provide a slight lift to the brow when applied skillfully.

Botox can be administered safely every three months. A regular schedule provides the best long-term results and usually permits gradual lengthening of the treatment interval. Botox is safe and most people are good candidates for treatment. Women who are pregnant or are breast-feeding and people with neurological conditions should refrain from Botox.


There are a number of filling devices available on the market. These agents are designed to fill in wrinkles and soften contour deformities. They are usually most effective in the lower half of the face where wrinkles are due mostly to the effects of aging and loss of skin elasticity. The duration of effect varies from one agent to another. Some are temporary while others are semi-permanent or permanent. Each has advantages and disadvantages and it is important to discuss these with the doctor who will perform the treatment.

Skin Care

Skin care is an important element to consider when the goal is to improve facial aesthetics. A good skin care program will improve the overall health of the skin. Healthy skin looks younger, fresher.

A skin care program that provides a holistic approach achieves the best results. It also may include light or medium depth peels for optimization. Speak with Dr. Bowers and his staff about the skin care program offered at Bowers Plastic Surgery.


We are pleased to offer a number of non-surgical interventions for facial rejuvenation at Bowers Plastic Surgery. Dr. Bowers personally performs all injection treatments and does not delegate these procedures to others. Please call 336-907-7980 or Contact Us to schedule your appointment.

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